Cooktops & Ranges

Today's appliance manufacturers offer quite a variety of cooktops and ranges, and it can take considerable research to make a choice you are confident in. Besides online research, it is very helpful to see the actual units and talk to a knowledgeable sales representative. Making decisions about important appliances like this are key steps in developing a kitchen plan, so it is good to begin thinking about your cooking needs early in the planning process.

Some of the practical questions you may need to think about are:

  • Space considerations: How much room will you have in your kitchen for the range/cooktop of your dreams?
  • Cooktop or range?
  • Gas or electric or dual fuel?
  • Ventilation needs (and might this effect the location of the cooktop/range)?
  • And finally, considerations of burner type, cooking surface & esthetic style!

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The Aga range is a central feature for this professional chef's kitchen.


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