The Bridges House

Vermont Verde Antique

Vintage Kitchens literally went to the source for the amazing Vermont Verde Antique stone that we are using for the countertops at the Bridges House kitchen – the Vermont Verde quarry in Rochester, Vermont. Owned by the Tom Fabbioli family since 2007, the quarry itself has been yielding this unique stone for a hundred years.

Technically speaking, Vermont Verde Antique is a "serpentine" rock formation. With its deep green color and whitish veining it has the look of marble, yet in hardness and durability it is closer to granite, making it suitable for kitchen countertops and even exterior use. According to the Vermont Verde website, "Serpentine's structure is composed of layers of silicate tetrahedrons linked into sheets; this structure is what gives Verde Antique its high flexural strength rating." Okay, it is tough stone, but what really caught our attention is the deep color and delicate veining – a gorgeous combination of strength and refinement.

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Vermont Verde Antique

Vermont Verde quarry manager Mike Solari gave us a tour of the hundred year old quarry



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