The Bridges House

Rumford Stone

Quality, service, and a top notch crew made Rumford Stone a natural choice for fabrication of the countertops. Vintage Kitchens has been working with Rumford Stone for about fifteen years and numerous kitchen and bathroom counter top projects. We have watched them grow from a small operation to one of the largest stone fabricators in New England under the steady guidance of the Trento family ownership.

The biggest changes in recent years have come with advances in technology, as Rumford has embraced new equipment and digital systems of templating, fabricating and finishing the stone that passes through their shop. These advancements have improved efficiency, safety and the ability to maintain quick turnaround times from template to installation, even with a full schedule of projects on the docket.

From a designer point of view, it is great to be able to bring clients to Rumford to view their slabs and digitally see just what their counters will look like prior to fabrication.

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Rumford Stone

Todd Trento operates the laser templating system to exactly map out each section of countertop needed for the Bridges House kitchen. This electronic "template" becomes the digital pattern for the cutting and fabrication process in the Rumford shop.



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