The Bridges House

Vintage Custom Cabinetry at Bridges House

Our own custom shop built the spectacular tiger maple island and the large mantel surround. Our shop often creates special pieces to go with cabinetry that has been built by one of our other cabinet lines, and that's what we did here, where the mantel surround and moldings were finished to match the Signature painted cabinets.

All of the moldings we used in the Bridges House are custom patterns drawn from original period moldings either found in the Bridges House, or in other New Hampshire homes of the same time period.

We built the island from a fantastic batch of local NH tiger maple which was donated for the project by New England Forest Products. All of the tiger maple panels have been book-matched out of adjacent boards cut from the same log, so the grain figure mirrors itself in each panel.

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Vintage Custom at Bridges House

These two boards were cut adjacent to each other from the same log, so their grain patterns are a very close match.



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