These days, there are many different countertop material choices – not to mention different colors, patterns and detail options within each family of material – and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. They can all be great choices for different reasons in different situations. We can help you select just the right countertop for your project, and also assure a professional installation.

Granite Countertops

Just the word “granite” evokes solid and long-lasting; how reassuring to have such a durable surface in your home, and such a beautiful and natural material, too. No wonder it has become such a popular countertop choice. As the popularity of stone countertops has increased, so have the sources and varieties of stone that are available – some of which are not technically “granite” at all. Not to worry though, they are all beautiful in their own way! Read more...


Soapstone is a beautiful and unique natural stone that has some local history right here in New Hampshire, even though it is often associated with Vermont. Both the NH and VT quarry supplies have dwindled over the years to the point that most soapstone today comes from more distant quarries, in places like Brazil. Read more...

Solid Surface

Corian® is the oldest and best recognized name in the “solid surface” category of countertop material. Corian® has excellent seaming qualities that make for very solid and inconspicuous seams so that finished installations end up with a sculpted look that visually appears almost like “one piece”. Corian® also makes a wide variety of matching undermount sinks that seam beautifully and solidly to the countertop so that they clean very well, without the caulking crevice required for other undermount sink installations. Corian® is available in a wide palette of colors and patterns, including patterned colors that emulate natural materials. Read more...

Wood Tops

Wood can be a wonderful material for countertops. If you think of it, wooden table tops were the original kitchen counters. Of course, over the years other materials have taken over, but wood remains a beautiful material to use, even if judiciously, in your kitchen. Here in New Hampshire we are fortunate to have a wide variety of beautiful local woods available, plus the usual imported species available. Read more...

Engineered Stone


Other Countertop Choices

Laminate brands like Formica® have been a mainstay of countertops since the 1950’s, and can still play a role as a countertop alternative, even if they are no longer the first choice. With its low cost and abundance of pattern and color offerings, laminate counters can expediently take care of a variety of countertop needs throughout the house. Companies like Formica® have worked hard to stay up with the fashion front in terms of designs, so there is literally something for everyone. Some colors can be upgraded somewhat by selecting ColorCore®, which has the color extending through the full thickness of the laminate, or by adding custom wood edges. Read more...


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