Bathroom design brings its own special challenges, with conflicting demands of access versus privacy, functionality versus esthetics -- not to mention different plumbing and storage needs that all have to fit into what is often a compact space. And of course there are considerations of budget. Yet, as the last room we visit before we retire and the first we face in the morning, a bathroom can serve an important role in shaping our day.

It All Starts With Efficient Space Planning

The Vintage Kitchens bathroom design approach begins with efficient space planning that creatively takes advantage of your available space, working in our collaborative approach with you so that the final design reflects your own priorities.

Vanities, Countertops And Trim Details

As a cabinetry showroom, naturally we can help you select the cabinetry and countertops that are right for your bathroom project. But we are also available to help with the other finish detail choices that can make such a difference in your completed project.

Plumbing Fixtures

Like appliances in the kitchen, plumbing choices are important drivers in bath design. There are so many choices in fixture design and finishes that it can be daunting; it helps to have good professional guidance at your side.

Tubs & Showers

Tubs and showers come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. What kind of tub and shower options will fit in the space we have available? Are special considerations necessary for guests, children or elderly? What are your preferences for materials and style?

Lighting And Ventilation Needs

Bathrooms have their own lighting and ventilation needs, depending on the size of the bathroom and what kinds of fixtures will be hard at work in there. As part of our bathroom planning, we can make recommendations for lighting and ventilation.

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