Granite Countertops, Concord, NH Vintage KitchensJust the word “granite” evokes solid and long-lasting; how reassuring to have such a durable surface in your home, and such a beautiful and natural material, too. No wonder it has become such a popular countertop choice. As the popularity of stone countertops has increased, so have the sources and varieties of stone that are available – some of which are not technically “granite” at all. Not to worry though, they are all beautiful in their own way!

New Hampshire, despite having a long history of granite quarries, does not produce very much countertop grade granite, yet there is still some limited availability. For example, this Vintage Kitchen features genuine NH “Tapestry” granite, which was quarried locally in the Milford, NH area. [link to Tapestry project]

Granite is standard with a polished finish, but it can also be honed or otherwise textured, which can help give it a little more of an ‘antique’ look if you are thinking about granite for your older home.

Like wood, stone is a natural product that varies from piece to piece – some stone varieties tending to vary much more than others. For this reason, we have adopted a protocol of inviting every client to inspect the actual slabs that have been set aside for their project prior to fabrication, so we can all be assured of the final appearance of the counter.

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