Getting Acquainted

We find the best way to get started is for you to come in for a browse of our showroom, get acquainted with our staff, and see first hand what we offer in cabinetry. A walk through our display vignettes, and a browse through one of our portfolios chock-full of completed projects -- in a wide variety of design styles and budgets, all of our own design -- is guaranteed to jump-start your own creative ideas! We maintain a large selection of sample doors, as well as countertop, molding, hardware and color samples so you can have great fun mixing and matching choices. No appointment is needed to visit to our showroom.

Yes, We Do House Calls!

If you are planning changes to an existing house, we begin with a visit to your home to measure the existing space and see how your kitchen area relates to the rest of your house. We also like to see up close your house’s architectural style and get an idea of its existing details and materials.

We do charge a one-time preliminary design fee of $350. We ask for this modest fee to help cover the initial investment we make in assembling and presenting a good first round proposal for your project. Included in this first step:

Based on our measurements and our initial meeting with you, we prepare one or more sets of preliminary designs, including pricing.

We meet to present and review this first generation of designs and cost estimates with you, although we retain the plans at this stage.

It is our hope that following this presentation, you are able to make a well-informed and confident choice to proceed with Vintage Kitchens for your project, based on the thoroughness of this initial process.

Vintage Kitchen’s Full Service Design Approach

The next step is to sign on for the rest of the design process! A 10% deposit is required for this next step, but you are free to take home copies of our plans and cabinetry samples for reference. We work closely with you to fine-tune the details and follow up with additional design session meetings with you, until you are 100% comfortable with all of your final cabinetry and design choices. Although this deposit is not refundable, we do apply all of it towards your purchase of cabinetry from us.

Purchasing Cabinets And Countertop

When you are ready to order cabinetry, we prepare a specifications contract, and your cabinetry is scheduled for delivery! Please be aware that custom cabinetry may take from 7 – 12 weeks from the time your order is placed, which means planning ahead is necessary. Fortunately, the cabinet companies we work with are all reliable regarding timely delivery dates once the delivery date is set.

Interior Design

While not offered as a stand-alone service, our design staff is available to assistance with all the finishing touches on your project, such as ceramic tile, lighting and plumbing fixtures, flooring and paint colors -- all those little details that help pull your project together for an overall successful job.

Delivery And Installation

We will be there when your cabinets are delivered to inspect each one, and review installation details with you and/or your builder. We can also provide installation services by our experienced and careful installation crew if needed. We also closely coordinate both the templating and the installation of custom countertops, whether granite, soapstone, Corian® or other material that requires specialized fitting.


We understand that even with the best cabinetmakers and most careful installers, sometimes little problems come up (after all, we are dealing with wood and human beings here -- some variations can occur!) However, we take pride in our follow-up service, addressing any issues that do come up, whether during or after installation. We intend to be here for the long haul, and we want you to be a satisfied client for the long haul!

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