“Capturing the essence of an old house in a new design helps ‘bring home’ a new kitchen and adds longevity to the design. This essence can be interpreted in different ways that reflect modern needs without getting swept up in modern trends.” – Sue Booth

Old Houses

With a name like Vintage Kitchens, it is no surprise that we do know old houses very well, and we truly care about them. Our own showroom is located in an 1850’s Greek Revival style residence, reflecting many of the same challenges faced by other old house owners. Every old house is different; so we like to visit your home and really get acquainted with it before starting any kitchen or bathroom design project.

Measure Twice, Deliver Once

We do an extra careful job of measuring your existing space in older homes, since there are often subtle variations in the levelness of old floors and subtle angles in what at first glance appears to be square corners and plumb walls. Because all of the cabinetry companies that we work with offer custom extension options, we can design your project to accommodate these variations without the use of loose fillers.

Not-So-Old Existing Homes

Your house does not have to be a classic antique specimen to enjoy a new Vintage Kitchen; we have designed all kinds of projects for houses built as recently as a couple of years ago.

You Don’t “Have To” Stay With The Style You Have

Often new projects take a new turn, steering the esthetics of an existing house in a whole new direction. No matter what direction you choose, our many years of experience with different kinds of architectural themed designs helps create beautiful new projects that tend to feel ‘just right’ -- in homes of all ages.

Because You Live There, Timing Is Everything

Planning ahead with you and your contractor, we can get the cabinets, countertops and everything else planned, scheduled and ordered so that the transition from old kitchen to new kitchen is as efficient as possible. Of course we need enough time in the planning process so that everything can be ordered on time; it is never too early to start planning your new kitchen!

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